Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation and Finding a new home

We we went on a tiny vacation to the coast. It was just a day trip, but it was so nice. The first time we have gone so far out of town and not to a grandparents house. We spend most of the day in Corpus at the Texas State Aquarium. After we made the short drive to Port Aransas. I took a bazilloin pictures at the aquarium and left the camera in the car at the beach. Who wants sand in a brand new camera? So I will share some of my favorites of the trip then I will discuss us moving.
Son a SHARK!
Walking to the aquarium with Daddy!
Holding a hermit crab
In front of the shark tank
Daddy had his picture taken here when he was 7

So we saw an ad in the church paper for a rental house for 390 less than our rent now! So I called of course and we saw the house and its ADORABLE! Pray pray pray we get to rent this house PLEASE! The back yard is huge too!


Jennifer W said...

Chicago in the summer is AWESOME. Go sometime! I will pray for your rental house and I can't wait for XX or XY day! Think XXXXXXXX

The Brown Family said...

How crazy to catch up with OLD friends! We are glad to hear you are doing well and cannot wait to see pictures of the new baby! Your sweet son is adorable and you look just the same - a little older and cuter, of course! We'll be checking the blog to keep us updated! Love, The Browns


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