Saturday, August 30, 2008

No shortage of the color blue in this house!

So I had an ultrasound. Most of you know I was hoping for a girl, I was so afraid to be disapointed. But the morning of the ultrasound we had a wonderful breakfast at a little Christian cafe near the imaging center. They have a nice collection of Willow tree figurines there (I collect them). I was looking at the collection and one caught my eye it is called "Brothers"

this figure touched my heart so deeply I began to cry, and at that moment I knew. There would be two active spunky little boys in this family. Almost exactly 4 years apart.
And all the worries of being disapointed at the lack of pink in my home went away.

In the office watching the screen I was waiting to see...lo and behold he showed us. "Here I am mom, dad, and big brother! See I am a boy!" He is so ACTIVE already! Hes dancing and kicking and just being a boy!

I thank my Heavenly Father for giving me just who he needs me to raise! They will look much like the boys in the figurine. Such a beautiful and humbling thaught to know I am not in charge!

PS the imaging center doesnt give out pics. We may go to another place to get some later in my pregnancy. Seeing as how I am still only 19 weeks.


Brittany said...

What a blessing two boys will be! How neat that God touched your heart right before your ultrasound- He's amazing. Congratulations!

Jennifer W said...

You will never be bored, and you will never hear "Ugh, I will never turn out like my mother" which can only come from a rebellious little girl! I'm sure I have that in my near future. So excited to see the new little face, what a weirdo imaging center.

Me and My Boys said...

I love that Willow Tree figurine. I need to get that! Welcome to the 2 boys club!!


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