Friday, February 27, 2009

A month? Really!?

How could my baby boy be one month? I cant believe it! January 24 seems like yesterday and here I am staring at him sleep, his peaceful face brings me such joy. He is adored by his big brother, and anyone else who lays a hand on him. He can hold up his head for long periods of time, he has been to the movies not once or twice but 3 times and sleeps through it(thank the Lord because Dustin and I are big movie buffs), he has destroyed outfits with his blowouts, and best of all he nurses and has no problems with it, just some gas.

I love my boys soooo much!

The Poppy look!


Jennifer W said...

Wow. Time is just flying by. I love those pictures!

Raena said...

Cute Pics!


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