Thursday, February 5, 2009

Birth Story!

OK here it goes...
I went in for my apt on the 20th(Tues) and was 3cm at 80% so Alisa(the best midwife ever) stripped my membranes. That night I started having light contractions...all night. So Wed we went for 3 yes 3 walks. Once in the AM around the hood with hubby then at the park with hubby and Raena(BFF/Doula) and then the track at the HS I graduated from, the I went to go get checked 3 and 80 still...not enough to break my water and start real contractions.
I was ordered to rest on thursday, so I sat at home and rested ALL day with small contractions. Then Friday came and so did regular contractions. I had them 3-5min apart lasting 60-90sec all day, because we just went about it as if was a regular day. Shopping going to Chick-Fil-A where Raena met us. Her hubby took our kids after we let them play. I had contractions until 11PM when they just stopped. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Then I went to bed and had some that would wake me up here and there but nothing to serious. So we called my midwife and she said to meet her at the center at about noon. We took Caleb to my sisters house and went to the birth center. Alisa got there at about 1230 and she checked me(I hadnt been having many contractions...just in the car). I made it to 5 and 90! I hit a wall due to the fact that my bag of water would not break or let Logan decend to continue to dialate me. So at just after 1pm Alisa broke my water. As soon as she did he decended and I want to a 7! I stood up and the contractions hit. 3 min apart and 2 min long. After an hour of leaning on Dustin and nearly falling I begged for the tub. Reana arrived and set up the camerajust after I entered the water. I was in transition and in alot of pain. I really lashed out. I yelled "this effin hurts!!!!" and Alisa said "your right it does effin hurt" I told all three of them to get out...well screamed it anyways. (Meanwhile my sister and niece along with my son are trying to get to the center.) Alisa listened to me and went out of the room for a bit. I kept clenching up my whole body and sceaming instead of letting my body do its thing. I was in pain and pissed. I even yelled that Eve(as in the first woman) was an effin b@#$%. Finally Raena got in my face and told me I was almost done...which was contrary to what was in my head. She told me to relax and let my uteris be the only muscle thats since Raena told me that and the way I somehow always listen to her...I relaxed by shaking my arms through the next 2 conractions. Then I called out "it burns". Raena went out of the room saying "ring of fire, ring of fire" Alisa came in and checked and told me I could push. Really?! I pushed and he crowned I pushed and his head was nearly out and I felt his hairy little head. I pushed again and his head was out. Then I needed to rest a second. I pushed his shoulders out and Alisa told my to pick up my baby, so I pulled him out of the water and on to my chest where I broke into tears and that was it. I had Baby Brother in record time from 5 and 90 to birth in 1 hr and 56 min. It was AMAZING!!!
Jan 24th 2:56pm
7lbs 13oz
21.5 in


Bex said...

that is amazing! you are amazing!

Amanda said...

Great birth story! You are incredible and strong....I don't think I could get through a natural birth. Your baby is gorgeous :)


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