Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So 11 years ago today was quite an amazing one. My dream was interrupted by the load obnoxious ringing of a phone. I wondered why my parents were not answering. I sluggishly dragged my 16 year old body out of bed and headed for the kitchen. It somehow did not strike me as odd seeing my parents unmade empty bed on my way there. Ring Ring Ring...just stop already!! 

"Autumn" says my mom.
This really confused my tired brain, why was my mom calling me? She told me that they forgot some of my sisters things in their hurry to get out of the house. 

"What are you doing out of the house?"
"Mandi is in labor!!"
Well that woke me up!

My dad told my brother(who was nearly impossible to wake up that morning) and I to go to school! What?! No way were we going to miss the arrival of this child. So we rebelled and showed up at the hospital...muahahahaha! The times before mass cell phone use were fun. 
We arrived at about 9 or so. We went in to say hello...stupid hospital said one at a time in the room. 

She came into this world at 11:51 and we would never be the same.

M Dear, 
We love you!
Happy 11th birthday!
Auntie Autumn Uncle Dustin
Boy, and Baby Brother

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