Monday, May 10, 2010

I Have Been Hiding

Writing this will not be easy, but perhaps it will give me some relief. My husband whom I love so much suffers from Bipolar Syndrome. Life has never really been easy, we have had a bumpy marriage to say the least. He was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder about 2 years ago and was put on meds to deal with that. 2 years of those meds and 9 months of seeing a psychologist didn't change anything. He had some serious episodes where I thought I was going to lose him to suicide. The weekend before Mother's Day was great, we were busy and did fun things and celebrated a special event for my niece M. But Monday came and he was so depressed and frustrated that he didn't feel any joy at all. So he went to his appointment with his psychologist and she told him to check himself in. My mom watched the boys while we went to a local hospital ER. Sat there from 4PM until after midnight when he was transferred to another facility.
They diagnosed him bipolar and put him on new meds. He took to it really well, but living with a bipolar spouse is hard. I find myself feeling alone and scared. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around him so I don't trigger anything.
We are in this together though. I am fighting on his team. We pray everyday for Gods grace to cover us.

So this blog just got a little serious. I will be posting coping skills on here and other info that may help someone living with a bipolar spouse.

For now just know Bipolar Syndrome is real!


Anonymous said...

Autumn you guys are in my prayers! You are such a strong woman!

Excellent Parent said...

Praying for you! You are a good wife! bless you!


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