Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wishing For Happiness

Imagine if you will, things that bring you simple pleasures. Then imagine getting no pleasure from it even though you desperately want to.

I live for simple pleasures. A glass of sweet tea and a PBJ, a girly movie, silly time with my boys.

Sadly my other half gets no joy from anything. He would be sad at Disney World. He tries to be happy, it just takes an exhausting amount of work on his part.

How do I live with a blue man? Everyday is a struggle and his "make me happy purchases" are making us broke.

I need sanity, and my own happy. Everyday I do what I can to create happy for me and my babies.

I miss this smile being genuine...


Anonymous said...

that suck hard. but am certain yall will figure it out. whatever the solution is - even if it seems negative to you - will be for the best. love you.

Excellent Parent said...

bless you, your a good wife!


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