Monday, July 12, 2010

I Should Stop

I need to stop dreaming. Stop coming up with ideas and researching, hes just going to shoot them down.
So next time I get on here and start blogging about a fantastic idea or a dream I may have...tell me to stop, so I dont get hurt.
I am in emotional turmoil right now over turning our life into a great adventure.
I need a change of scenery, I want my boys to see the Grand Canyon and Red Rocks, and The Space Needle. I want to change everything about our life.

But It wont I am done.
No more kids, no adventure. And probably no homeschooling.


Excellent Parent said...

praying for you. Altho, first thought that comes to my head, that you deserve a bit more grace becuase you have shown a lot of grace. Just sayen!

Ess said...

Don't you dare stop dreaming!!! God is in control and he's the only one that can tell you it will or will not happen. :) Keep your head up and don't let those negative thoughts or responses get the best of you.

5 Chinchen's said...


pez*dispenser said...

Don't give up your dreams my beautiful cousin. You are a magnificent woman and I know that keeping a family together is hard work and takes lots of compassion and stuff but you deserve to live the life you choose and love. You can do whatever you want. Dream your dreams. Feel free to bring the boys here to visit the Space Needle :) I'll show you around and we can go to the zoo and stuff and yeah :) I would love it! You're amazing and don't you ever forget it. I love you!


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