Friday, December 4, 2009

Midnight Thoughts

I often wonder why I just cant go crawl in bed some nights. I just have this need to stay up and explore and search for things. Get all my quiet brain time.

No attention grabbing boy, or fussy baby, no body breathing near me. Just me and my wondering mind. I need this time.

I look on Etsy for nifty gift ideas, I search twitter for interesting thoughts. I search for new blogs to read.

Sometimes I take pictures if the mood strikes like this one I took in the bathroom on a green towel, the rings were there, and I felt creative. I am not really into diamonds, I had to have a pearl.

I enjoy this me time.

But it must come to an end at the first middle of the night nursings. Yeah Little Brother nurses all night long. The other night this lady told me to put him on a schedule, because he has me on one. Really? Why would I do that. It is much better for us this way. He knows he can trust me with the nursing on demand. We have such a close connection. And since we stay at home, I can rest during his first nap.

This is such a random post...but that is how my brain is at this hour, jumping from thought to thought.
After he finishes Im going to bed.

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