Saturday, March 29, 2008

What to do...what to do...

I Graduate with my AA in Business Admin in December so Dustin wants to go to school in January. He would like to do Web Design and Development. There are so many great schools for that, but none are here in San Antonio. He's very attached to this place. One school is in Orlando Florida, I could get some good jobs there and we would do great for the 2 years we would be there. The program is an accelerated BS. It would be great for us to set out on a great adventure. Pray that God leads us where we should go. I want him to enjoy his work. Hes not much of a fan of 4 years of school, and would not do well with all the prerequisites.
He has a condition that makes him have frequents panic attacks and the Dr said find a way to deal or find a new job.
Please pray.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter in pictures

Love my Irizarrys!
Look at all my loot Mom! Sisters are awesome! She hit me with a cascorone(sp) aka confetti egg.
Love love love my wonderful newly tatooed husband!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trip to the zoo and my birthday

Outside the zoo, in his way cool glasses. Self portrait of me and my boy.

Taken by my sister. On my birthday! My mommy sister and her friend, and me behind.

My mommy and I. Hmmm who do I look like...hehehehe
Well my camera battery died so the rest of my birthday was not cought on camera. We went to the Witte Museum. We being all the girls in the photo, my hubby and boy, his cousins, and sissys friends 3 kids. 5 adults 7 kids. Then after the museum Sisters friend left with 2 of her girls(the oldest is Nieces BFF) and we went to Panera Bread...YUMMY. My mommy made me cup cakes with chocolate chips and creamcheese filling. And lots of gifts all with a central theme...ELVIS! A purse with a picture of E., mints(shaped like a guitar) and a mug with an E. saying.
I am OBSESSED with Elvis!
I cant belive Im 26! I still feel like a teenger somedays.

Just some pictures

Bffs 3rd Birthday Party! Took me forever to upload these!
In the car on our way!
Yee Haw!
Boys boots and BFFs boots. Boys are biggerLOL. He has my feet!
Spider man Spide man Does whatever a spider can! BFF Aunt M paints a great face!

Friday, March 7, 2008

16 More!

I went online to my schools website to see my degree audit. I was quite pleased by the results! I have 16 hours left for my associates! That means that I can take 4 hours over the summer and 12 next semester and graduate in Dec 08! I am sooooooo excited! Then I can go get my BA sooner than I thought! Its all for my babys future!


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