Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adventures in Toilet Training

Over the last couple weeks Baby Brother has decided to toilet train himself. He refused a diaper and insisted we put him on the big toilet and not that dumb little potty chair (thank God I only paid $7 for it), he wanted big boy underoos and will only wear a diaper at night. All on his terms, the pig headed turd...hahaha.

The reason I feel this is important is to tell you this tidbit of poop humor...

I was doing laundry on my back patio (I hate that my laundry is out there) and my naked toddler, fresh from the bath and not wanting to dress quite yet, is trying to open the sliding glass door. I didn't want him outside in his nude state so I didn't open the door for him, which led to him to try and push the door harder. Well I guess he pushed a little to hard because a pile of poop fell out of him. The expression on his face was priceless! This astonished look of disgust. I ran him upstairs sat him on the pot grabbed my little green carpet shampooer, one of my best investments, and cleaned up what the towel left behind.

Toilet training is crazy I tell ya! CRAZY!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dreaming of Hawai'i Lately

I miss Hawaiian Summers! Maybe, not just Hawaiian ones, maybe I miss the lack of responsibility, and freedom to read and play all day. 
I do miss the soft grass *Texas is seriously lacking in the grass area right now* and tropical breeze. I do miss the soft sandy beaches, and scent of Huli Huli Chicken. 

At this pointe, however, I do believe it is the responsibility thing. I complained about having to wash dishes twice a week and having to clean my room...which was just toys. Now I have to wash clothes for 4 people and do dishes 6 or 7 nights a week. 

I am in a whiney mood though, sorry. Woes

Enjoy some pictures while you are here.
 On our way to the beach 1990
 On the pass, headed to the beach. Had to stop for a soda and the view.
That is me walking down the stairs in my ruffle butt bikini.

I want to go on vacation...just Dustin and I. Hawai'i would be wonderfully romantic. Someday, when money is not so tight, I guess.

I leave you with this: "...I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you..." Romans 1:8 KJV

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why am I up?

1:40 AM CDT, and I sit here in front of my computer, that now sits on a desk...*happy dance*...tired and alone. Not lonely (no heart ache here), the good alone, the alone where you can think and breath, and hope and dream.
After digging deep, and getting through all the medical BS, I found an actual list of side effects for the medications Dustin was taking. Funny trend I saw...the side effects were symptoms of Bi-polar. We did more research and found information about dirty tricks drug makers pull and how medical science has never proven any of these afflictions to be true. Doctors who talk about this stuff are ostracized, and they rest blindly go on and prescribe because these pretty young people come in and tell them about these medications. Seriously go do the research for yourself, it will make you sick.
We don't need medication for stress! We need coping skills, we need to breath, and find a positive outlet. Not something to trow ourselves into to cause more stress! Take up a calming activity, like knitting or sewing, just for you. Collect comic books...write a blog! Like Dustin has started doing. He is The Token Geek Dad! Check him out! He is learning to channel his stress and anger into constructive things. I am so proud of him!
He is Wellbutrin free! And down to 1 Clonazepam half in the morning half at night. He has fought hard and continues to do so. He drives me bananas at time, but he is my best friend! I cannot wait until his body is free of these horrible poisons!
In other news I took the boys to the dentist. Big brother had 4 cavities, so far he has gotten 2 of them filled. He gets 1 cap next month and another soon after. Baby brother has nearly perfect teeth with a slight overbite.
They are growing so fast I can hardly keep up!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello Blogger My Old Friend

For Mother's Day I got this fancy new Android phone. The Samsung Nexus X, and today it occurred to me that perhaps Blogger has an App....and they do!! I'm blogging in the car on the way to my mom's house. No I'm not driving. Dustin is, I'm not crazy. Speaking of crazy and Dustin ....that's a whole other post. I'm off for now because my phone erased about 10 minutes worth of writing and we are almost to our destination.


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