Thursday, June 11, 2009

So sorry for not posting more often.

Life has been, well, life.

What is going on around here?

1st we are moving AGAIN! Why? There are a few reasons.
Reason 1: This house needs work that some major work that is not getting done.
Reason 2:We have the opportunity to clean up out credit and buy a house and get $8000 of our tax money to use as a down payment.
Reason 3: Safety. Last month there was a scary home invasion across the street. As we sat in our house doing some laundry, eating breakfast dressing to do some activities as a family; our neighbor across the cul-de-sac answered the door to a man claiming to be from a local business. When she called his bluff and tried to close the door he shoved his gun in her face, and held her captive for THREE hours while searching her home. The police believed he had the wrong side of the duplex, and that he was searching for drugs. I don't like that!
Reason 4: Our six month lease was up.
Reason 5: She raised the rent by $30
Even with those reasons we were considering staying. We prayed for guidance and God presented us with and our friend who started it.

So here is the plan: My parents house is unoccupied, and we can stay there for a little while. Clean up some of our issues and buy a house by November.

PLEASE say prayers!
2nd Dustin starts school in August. I am sooooo proud of him! He is taking two online classes.

3rd The boys are growing like wildfire!

Well my friends... I am off to pack and run some errands.
God Bless!


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