Monday, March 23, 2009

Miss My Mommy

My mom was in town for a choir retreat with our church here at home. My parent live 8hours away, but still in TX...big state...they are there for my dads job. Well after the retreat my AMAZING older sister, Mandi and I got to hang out with her. I took the boys and left Dustin to put together the entertainment area(he got a $ reward from the company he works for so we got a surround sound system)and we headed to Mandi's house. We started out playing Cribbage and moved on to Scattergories. We got a ton of laughs from Scattergories, including my niece M trying to come up with a list of 12 veggies that begin with "F" her list was..."fried onions", "fried zukiny", "fried spinege", and "football shaped brocolli". We cracked up! We also enjoyed the hilarity of my mom forgetting what letter we were on 3 times. Midnight crept up on us and we had to say goodnight so I brought the boys home and we went to bed. *Yes I keep my kids places til the wee hours of the morning* So it was my pleasure(because it was time together)and heartache(because I didn't want her to go) to drive her to the airport yesterday/Monday morning. She didn't have to be there till 11:30 so she took me(well I drove she directed) to Dillard's to get my b-day gift. She had bought me these adorable Steve Madden shoes, but they didn't fit...curse my enormous feet! We took them back to the shoe dept and headed to home decor, which is where they keep the Willow Trees! She bought me TWO of them! The Brothers and Quietly. Then we went by her best friend MJs house to pick up the pair of sunglasses she had left there(she goes through sunglasses like toilet tissue, they were on the porch with a sweet note and an extra copy of her ticket. MJ loves my mommy like a sister. So we got to the airport and we said "strong" goodbyes and she hugged on the boys and my nephew TJ who I was watching this morning. As she walked away I swallowed my tears and looked down and saw her note and extra ticket copy were in my car so I honked and brought her back only to find tears in here eyes...dangit..we both started crying and saying how much we love and miss each other.

Y'all I have an AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, GODLY, mommy. I know God has her where she is for a reason. I cannot wait til she comes back. Maybe next time she and my dad will come and we can play Balderdash.

And a photo of my boys so my hubby can steal it for his desktop on his work computer. Aren't they CUTE?!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

And Life Continues

I turned 27 on the 18th of March. Hard to wrap my mind around being 27. I still expect to be young adult Autumn or even teenage Autumn, but no I am Adult Autumn. I am married, thats a big responsibility, its a full time job really. Then I am a Stay-at-home mom. Wow that ones huge! Right now I have so many responsibilities. Such as laundry, the sorting and washing of it is not so bad. the drying I can do, but to fold it...AAAAHHHHHHH! I just want to put it in baskets and say go fish. But alas I have a neat freak for a husband. I have from 9:30AM to 8PM on Monday Thursday and Friday and 9AM to 5:30PM to do my duties. Get the Kitchen clean wash dry and FOLD atleast 2 loads of laundry, sweep, mop, take something out to thaw for dinner...all while playing games with a 4 year old and nursing a now 8 week old. I try to do it with a smile...try being the key word...and praise God that I have clothes to wash, floors to clean, dishes to wash and epecially two boys to care for.
I look forward to my Tuesday Wednesday and Sunday, aka Family days. Dustin spends time with his boys and I enjoy my time with him as well.
Life keeps moving forward weather the economy is good or bad. I just have to do my part to make sure my family is safe and happy, most of that care is done by asking my Heavenly Father for sanity and patience.

Please Lord continue to bless this little family and all who are connected to it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

More Family

My parents finally got to meet Baby Brother. They live about 8 hours from home right now for my dads job.
The visit was not the best. My mom had bronchitis(not contagious) and my dad had an allergy episode.
It was nice to be with them anyway. They are so in love with grandson number 5!

My daddy aka Poppy and my wonderful boys. Hes a big marshmallow when it comes to his grandbabies.

My mommy aka Noni couldnt get enough of baby brother. I love their expressions in this pictire.

My Nannan was so excited she was able to hold her newest great grandchild.

And here is GrandEmma and Baby Brother. She met him before but we didnt get a good picture of them together. This is nuber 2 of her three grandchildren.


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