Monday, March 9, 2009

More Family

My parents finally got to meet Baby Brother. They live about 8 hours from home right now for my dads job.
The visit was not the best. My mom had bronchitis(not contagious) and my dad had an allergy episode.
It was nice to be with them anyway. They are so in love with grandson number 5!

My daddy aka Poppy and my wonderful boys. Hes a big marshmallow when it comes to his grandbabies.

My mommy aka Noni couldnt get enough of baby brother. I love their expressions in this pictire.

My Nannan was so excited she was able to hold her newest great grandchild.

And here is GrandEmma and Baby Brother. She met him before but we didnt get a good picture of them together. This is nuber 2 of her three grandchildren.

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