Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have been slackin' big time!

Christmases were great! Yep we had 2 of them! One with The G Family and one with the D Family. I feel so blessed!

The Family G
Cousins and off spring of them
 Brotherly love

The Family D
The cousins
 My parents are still so in love.
 I love me some waffles!

So that was Christmas. For new years we went to my parents house and blew things up. including nearly blowing up ourselves. Someone threw trash into the fore and a few seconds later small balls of sparlkly fire came at us while we were trying to relax in our chairs and keep warm. Screaming and running and laughter followed. Best part was having my whole family together.

*It is very difficult to blog during a movie!!

Next comes the birth of my BFF to her beautiful baby boy! Baby E is so sweet and was born on Jan 16th. He was welcomed by Boy's BFF CS and Little Sister, who is now also Big Sister. I am thrilled for our friends! 

Baby Brother is 2!! He ran around on his day saying "two", he says "car", "diaper", "peepee", "ducky", "bubbles", "Bubbah" and lots of other words. He would rather watch a movie with real people than a cartoon. So I stream Blues Clues off of Netflix. I am still trying to teach him to be nice to his big brother. 

Yesterday we had the annual Goodwin Boy Birthday Bash. We went with a Star Wars theme. I was quite epic. Our friends Jen and Eric helped us make the cakes, which were inspired by a post on Craftster. That was a fun time making marshmallow fondant and baking cakes. Eric cut out the shapes and Dustin painted them. Lots of work...
destroyed in less than a minute.
The boys and their friends had so much fun making light sabers out of pipe insulation and colored tape.
*Unfortunately Blogger won't let me upload that picture*
So you are caught up...for now.


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