Monday, November 23, 2009

Taking Care of the Planet and My Pocket

I do not believe in "Global Warming". I do believe that the climate does change, but it changes with or without the human race.

That being said, I still believe that we have to take care of this planet, this beautiful gift we were given. I love the idea of cloth diapering, while I didnt have upfront money for the diapers, I desperately wanted to do it. I do however buy clorine free diapers made from renewable materials. Natural Choice is a great diaper. Baby is nearly 10 months old and has never had a diaper rash.
Another earth friendly parenting activity is breastfeeding. Hello no BPA in the bottles. I carry his food where we go, no containers to trash. Breastfeeding is the ultimate in earth friendly practices.

I also say earth friendly is family friendly. We as a family do not care to put fake stuff into our bodies much. I say much because we all have our guilty pleasures. Dustin still drinks soda with Aspartame , I am trying to help him want to stop...have to make it his idea. That stuff is so bad for you.
I really want to take care of what was given to me, but I also know that humans are part of the environment and we need to be taken into consideration as well. We need better education and a government that is not out to make money. Seriously people, they tax us saying they want whats best for us? WTF! They want to sit on high horses and control!
I still eat meat though. But I buy organic and I prefer to get meat from local places and wild game. I eventually want to have my own chicken for eggs.
I am no puppet, I refuse to buy into this crap about humans destroying the planet, and I want more people to wake up and smell the capitalism. Free market enterprise is good! Taxing business and workers to pay for laziness is not good. It is bad for the economy and bad for the earth!
I do not hate the homeless or immigrants. I do however believe that the Government has no right to tax me to give them handout, when I/we am/are capable of giving hand up to those in need.
Thats my rant for the day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad!

So I post things on FaceBook and royally piss people off. Really is your life so dull that you have to debate about a silly joke on FB. I know mine is but really do you have to go attack me on mine? I have many liberal friends. I do not attack them for their beliefs. I do not read theirs and call them uneducated and stupid. They come to me and attack. Yeah maybe I shouldn't post all my views on FB but I never see people in real life besides D and the babes. My life and friends are on the computer...pathetic right? Hahaha! But I love having an opinion! I grew up being told that I shouldn't have one. Screw That! I am here I am conservative and I love being me!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Views

So I have been inspired to blog. By discovering new way cool blogs via Twitter! I am now addicted to twitter and made a new friend while doing it...go fig. I am way too opinionated for some.
I am what I have started calling a "Conservative Feminist".
I am conservative in my beliefs in government. Fiscal responsibility and "self" reliance. I say "self" because I believe that the government has not right to tax us to feed the poor. By taxing business they are taking away money to be used for wages. They also create a people who refuse to do anything for themselves and feel that they have the right to live the good life with out working for it. My reliance is on Jesus and the fact that he gives me and my hubby the ability to work for everything we have. The mistakes we make are our own and we must be responsible for them. By no means does this mean that I am heartless and against charity. I believe that charity is for private citizens not governments.
I am however a feminist in the fact that I believe a woman has great power. This power is being stripped away from her by mainstream thinking. People who are afraid of this great power. I believe in natural birth. 90% of births should not be treated as the emergency that they are made out to be. I pushed a drug induced baby out almost five years ago and I felt all the love and adoration for him, but no power. Then ten months ago. I BIRTHED my 2nd son. It was amazing and powerful and beautiful and quiet...well except for my whining. So many mothers have no idea about this inner strength God gave us. Sure God gave doctors the knowledge of saving those babies that are emergencies. But lets get back to our power ladies! We can do it!
Now the other part of feminism is our boobs! Yeah I said it. Why do we have them? No not so we get attention, they are not sex toys(all the time)! They are created to nourish our children. It is the most amazing gift we can give our children! It builds strong healthy kids! It helps us build a tight relationship with our babies. It is our right and responsibility to show the world that it is NORMAL to do. And that we have the right to publicly do it.

These are my thoughts, and if you don't agree you can skip this blog and "Jog On". I will continue to post them.


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