Monday, February 21, 2011

My Little Loves

They have so much love for each other. This mommy could not be happier kissing any other tiny faces, or seeing any eyes other than these two sets looking up at her. I mean adding to them would not be a bad thing if that is what God has planned, but to replace them would be INSANE! 

Sigh...just thought I would share my love for these two awesome little boys. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Lies I Was Told

Autumn, if you live, you will never walk talk or be able to live on your own. -Drs. at birth
Autumn, you are not smart. -Many of my teachers
Autumn, you are not pretty. -Class mates
Autumn, you are a brat. -My siblings
Autumn, you will never stop wetting the bed. -My Grandmother
Autumn, you are not cool. -Everyone my own age, where ever we moved
Autumn, you are not dateable. -All the boys
Autumn, you are not as good as your brother. -Everyone who knew my brother, before they met me
Autumn, you will never get a good education, you should find a rich man to take care of you. -My dad(in a joking manner...I took it seriously for a long time)
Autumn, you will need a maid when you grow up. -my mother
Autumn, you are not worth it. -Satan

All of it is a lie.

The TRUTH is:
I am alive.
I am smart.
I am pretty.
I am sweet and caring.
I stopped wetting the bed.
My son thinks I am cool.
My husband asked me out.
My brother is not as perfect as everyone thinks he is(although he is pretty awesome).
I am in college and I can take care of myself.
I do need a maid, I am not the best house keeper, I do try. I have improved though.
Jesus died for me. He thinks I am worth it.

What lies have you believed?


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