Saturday, March 29, 2008

What to do...what to do...

I Graduate with my AA in Business Admin in December so Dustin wants to go to school in January. He would like to do Web Design and Development. There are so many great schools for that, but none are here in San Antonio. He's very attached to this place. One school is in Orlando Florida, I could get some good jobs there and we would do great for the 2 years we would be there. The program is an accelerated BS. It would be great for us to set out on a great adventure. Pray that God leads us where we should go. I want him to enjoy his work. Hes not much of a fan of 4 years of school, and would not do well with all the prerequisites.
He has a condition that makes him have frequents panic attacks and the Dr said find a way to deal or find a new job.
Please pray.


Raena said...

DON'T GO!!! :O) Stay with me! No, really...I'm sure it will all pan out in God's time.

Raena said...

PS- There is a blog I thought you might be interested in...

It is awesome and she has some links to other good sites also. It is a part of Biblical Womanhood Network.

Pretty Cool! I'm totally trying some of this stuff.

Unknown said...

Dustin has never taken the SAT or ACT, so regular college is not the best idea right now. He feels so self consious about his book smarts. We are really considering tech school. I think it would be so good for us, like an adventure. But our biggest thing is leaving yall and Tim and Jenny.

Raena said...

Send me a new picture for your header - maybe the cute one with your new hair. Love you!


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