Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trip to the zoo and my birthday

Outside the zoo, in his way cool glasses. Self portrait of me and my boy.

Taken by my sister. On my birthday! My mommy sister and her friend, and me behind.

My mommy and I. Hmmm who do I look like...hehehehe
Well my camera battery died so the rest of my birthday was not cought on camera. We went to the Witte Museum. We being all the girls in the photo, my hubby and boy, his cousins, and sissys friends 3 kids. 5 adults 7 kids. Then after the museum Sisters friend left with 2 of her girls(the oldest is Nieces BFF) and we went to Panera Bread...YUMMY. My mommy made me cup cakes with chocolate chips and creamcheese filling. And lots of gifts all with a central theme...ELVIS! A purse with a picture of E., mints(shaped like a guitar) and a mug with an E. saying.
I am OBSESSED with Elvis!
I cant belive Im 26! I still feel like a teenger somedays.


Raena said...

Hope you had a blessed day, sorry we missed it!

AJ said...

As long as I have many more days to hang out with you, I am OK. XOXO


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