Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Holy Moley!

I just went back and read bloggs gone of the past! I have had my blog for a little over a year now! I read about Boy turning 3 and now hes 4. Then I read about trying to concive and Im lying here in bed with my hubby and our 3 week old son, while Boy is in his big boy bed in his room. Time continues to march on, I need to live for today and continue to thank God for his continued blessings!


Me and My Boys said...

This is such a sweet picture! Boy's face is priceless-so completely what Tyson is doing right now (ahh). Brother's face is angelic. I could just kiss him all over! (And as I type that I'm thinking, "Dear God thank you that I get to sleep thru the night tonight. Oh, and be with Autumn because she's not.") And your sweet face is just glowing. Motherhood and boyhood look wonderful on you! Welcome back to blogging...we missed you!

Jennifer W said...

Yes welcome back! I LOVE this picture! Looks like you all had a great day at Costco!


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