Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Views

So I have been inspired to blog. By discovering new way cool blogs via Twitter! I am now addicted to twitter and made a new friend while doing it...go fig. I am way too opinionated for some.
I am what I have started calling a "Conservative Feminist".
I am conservative in my beliefs in government. Fiscal responsibility and "self" reliance. I say "self" because I believe that the government has not right to tax us to feed the poor. By taxing business they are taking away money to be used for wages. They also create a people who refuse to do anything for themselves and feel that they have the right to live the good life with out working for it. My reliance is on Jesus and the fact that he gives me and my hubby the ability to work for everything we have. The mistakes we make are our own and we must be responsible for them. By no means does this mean that I am heartless and against charity. I believe that charity is for private citizens not governments.
I am however a feminist in the fact that I believe a woman has great power. This power is being stripped away from her by mainstream thinking. People who are afraid of this great power. I believe in natural birth. 90% of births should not be treated as the emergency that they are made out to be. I pushed a drug induced baby out almost five years ago and I felt all the love and adoration for him, but no power. Then ten months ago. I BIRTHED my 2nd son. It was amazing and powerful and beautiful and quiet...well except for my whining. So many mothers have no idea about this inner strength God gave us. Sure God gave doctors the knowledge of saving those babies that are emergencies. But lets get back to our power ladies! We can do it!
Now the other part of feminism is our boobs! Yeah I said it. Why do we have them? No not so we get attention, they are not sex toys(all the time)! They are created to nourish our children. It is the most amazing gift we can give our children! It builds strong healthy kids! It helps us build a tight relationship with our babies. It is our right and responsibility to show the world that it is NORMAL to do. And that we have the right to publicly do it.

These are my thoughts, and if you don't agree you can skip this blog and "Jog On". I will continue to post them.


Anji said...

Very very interesting blog, when you gave birth to your second child you didn't mind the pain at all? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm really curious, never had a kid but I hear it's painful

gotta say I agreed with alot of what you said, thanks for sharing

AJ said...

You should read the posts about my birth. We could sit and talk about at length if you want.


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