Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big Government Rant!

Why do all of our public aka "government run" schools teach our kids that we have a democracy. We were never intended to be ruled by a majority. We were supposed to be ruled by law. Yes our founding fathers made the mistake of using slaves...nobody is perfect. But all people in America need to come to terms with this. We need to get back to the constitution and be ruled by law. That means no more income tax! The protection of life, no matter how small the life is and FREEDOM!! I want to be free to teach my own children and to choose what I put in their bodies. It also means that the people can decide to not purchase certain items like corn syrup laced crap, or soaps full of sulfates. We the people have power and we have the right to choose and that is protected by law. So lets get back to where we choose whether or not our kids go to public schools, and where we are free to keep the fruits of our labor. Give us a choice! Shrink the government and just protect us. I want my Republic back!

All this being said Way to go Massachusetts!! It is a victory for Freedom fighters not the Republicans! 

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