Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Wrong

Things I find wrong:

Puppy mills
Chemicals in formula
Formula companies who push themselves on the uneducated
Chemicals in food
Cruelty to animals, even if the animal is for food
Illegal immigration
Crooks who run big business having a say in our government
Criminals getting better treatment in prison then regular citizens get in the real world
Criminals getting abused in prison
People inciting violence
Illegal immigrants getting treated better than Americans in hospitals
Tax dollars going to help fund programs that support abortion
Killing babies
Controlling peoples choices
Lying government officials
Chemicals in toys
Forced institutionalized education
Depending on warring countries for our recourses
Subsidizing corn
Letting business take over crops and seeds
Controlling how much people make in honest wages
Hospitals not allowing VBACs
Outlawing Midwives

Things I think will help:

Adopt from shelters
Breastfeed, seek help
Research formula companies and practices (it will make you sick)
Buy local, the food is safer
Go to the farmers market (small farms respect their livestock)
Let the states crack down, crack down on businesses that bus in illegal’s for cheap labor
Vote out the bureaucrats
Elect more Sheriff Joes
Sheriff Joe may make his prisoners do labor and live in the hot sun but he also cracks down on abuse to criminals
Crack down on those who incite violence, freedom of speech only goes so far (Westborough especially)
America should help her citizens first
Tax dollars should go only to build our infrastructure (roads highways), and pay for protection, i.e. police, firemen, and military
Abortion is not birth control
We as a free republic (yes that is what we were supposed to be) must let people choose how they live. Also means Drs can choose not to do abortions and churches can choose not to employ certain types of people
When lies are uncovered we need to take action, including lies our current people in most offices in both parties
Buy American made wooden toys (ok so my boys don’t like those) Hey big toy companies you’re all jerks and making fun toys with lots of chemicals is wrong!
Homeschool, and stop the nationalized testing, gosh I could go on… its wrong!
Corn Syrup and other corn product are very unhealthy, so is corn fed beef
Companies should not be able buy life and control it, bad ju-ju
However dirt bags that come across dollars in dishonest ways can rot in jail
Fight! Know your body educate yourself, you can VBAC, find a new Dr or a midwife that will help
Midwives are the best at helping babies out research birth options and get to know a midwife

So here is my list add if you like.


Raena said...

good one.

(i didnt think my kids would like wooden toys because they seemed to simple to me. but once i got rid of most of the crappy plastic toys, they had no other options other than their new wood toys. so guess what they played with? AND i couldnt believe how much more creative they had to be. they came up with all kinds of make believe and games.)

AJ said...

I think it may be my biggest kid that would have the most problems with it. ;)

Excellent Parent said...

In all seriousness I find the way they portray Edward as WRONG! :P


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