Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sink or Swim

Learning to swim means letting go of the side of the pool, as child I am reminded of how massive the pool seemed to me and how I was so afraid of the water because it looked deeper beyond what I could see. Learning to swim is not an easy task but eventually you will have to let go. Your relationship with God in the same way requires that you let go of the world and trust in Him to keep you a float, at first you may be frightened of letting go of all the problems and worries you are drowning in, but once you let go of them and come to the surface God will be there holding out His hand to pull you out of the pool of despair. Learning to trust in God is no easy task but eventually if you let go He will pull you out of the water and you will for the first time breath easily.


Excellent Parent said...

wow. that was beautiful and a great reminder! Thankyou Dustin!

Anonymous said...


Wow! what wonderful , deep thoughts. So glad you are open to making connections to God through everyday living and situations!

Good job!

MOst of all, thanks for putting yourself "out there" through words... that takes guts sometimes. :)

amy lozano


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