Thursday, January 31, 2008

An Amazing Documentry

I had the privilege of attending The Business of Being Born with my friend Raena. Seeing this film has opened my eyes. Just this big conglomerate of hospitals that take over a woman’s right to birth amazed me. I loved finding out the reason that so few women know about the choices that we have. These hospitals intervene on a woman’s birth and then one intervention leads to another and soon they have to do an emergency C. The Dr. saying "It’s what’s best for the baby".
My eyes were opened to what a wonderful fulfilling birth I can have. Not that Boys birth wasn’t exciting or joyful, because it was. I put drugs in my body that I shouldn’t have, and by doing that I put drugs in his body. Thank God he didn’t have side effects.
America has one of the highest infant mortality rates of any industrialized countries! Why do we intervene on a process God created? I do see a purpose for some. Like if a baby isn’t growing correctly and really is in distress. But a normal healthy woman can have a simple birth if she chooses. And I’m going to go out and it...She needs to choose it for the sake of her baby! One day I will find a way to educate many more women about the importance of natural child birth. I pray that you do some of your own research and consider what God blessed us with, the ability to birth without drugs and intervention Check out this website for info on Midwives and what they do Also check out It will blow your mind!

Okay I’m off my soap box now.

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