Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some updated pictures

Boy and I at a very fun swim party! He is really turning into a fish!
A couple front views of our new home!

My beautiful cousin came to visit! I am so blessed to have her!
Boy and I chilling out while watching the USA Mens Gymnastics team win bronze! GO USA!


Jennifer W said...

The house is so cute! I am jealous. Where is it located? That Caleb always looks like he's up to something with that handsome sly little smile... ladykiller.

AJ said...

Oxbow, I am so excited! He is always up to something!

pez*dispenser said...

Oh wow. What an...ahem...amazing? picture of us. haha.

Love the pictures of you & Caleb.

Miss you already! Cannot wait until next time!


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