Saturday, March 21, 2009

And Life Continues

I turned 27 on the 18th of March. Hard to wrap my mind around being 27. I still expect to be young adult Autumn or even teenage Autumn, but no I am Adult Autumn. I am married, thats a big responsibility, its a full time job really. Then I am a Stay-at-home mom. Wow that ones huge! Right now I have so many responsibilities. Such as laundry, the sorting and washing of it is not so bad. the drying I can do, but to fold it...AAAAHHHHHHH! I just want to put it in baskets and say go fish. But alas I have a neat freak for a husband. I have from 9:30AM to 8PM on Monday Thursday and Friday and 9AM to 5:30PM to do my duties. Get the Kitchen clean wash dry and FOLD atleast 2 loads of laundry, sweep, mop, take something out to thaw for dinner...all while playing games with a 4 year old and nursing a now 8 week old. I try to do it with a smile...try being the key word...and praise God that I have clothes to wash, floors to clean, dishes to wash and epecially two boys to care for.
I look forward to my Tuesday Wednesday and Sunday, aka Family days. Dustin spends time with his boys and I enjoy my time with him as well.
Life keeps moving forward weather the economy is good or bad. I just have to do my part to make sure my family is safe and happy, most of that care is done by asking my Heavenly Father for sanity and patience.

Please Lord continue to bless this little family and all who are connected to it!


Me and My Boys said...

I loathe laundry. I seriously wait until the last minute before the basket explodes to start. Ugh. Too bad we have to wear clothes outside of the house!
The is a precious pic of you and your little men. I love boys!!
Yes, praise God we have families and problems and life. Wouldn't change it for the world!

Raena said...

I hate cleaning. But lately I've developed some routines that seem to work much better than before. Laundry SUCKS!

AJ said...

Yes it does! Someone invent disposable clothes!


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