Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Bully!

Whats a mom to do when her 16 month old beats up her 5 year old??
Boy is sitting on my lap crying his eyes out because Baby Brother beat him over the head with a Maraca! Boy is bit, pinched, gets his hair pulled and gets beat for no reason. Boy doesn't retaliate either, he is to tender hearted and sweet. Baby doesn't do this to anyone else. Any help or advice is welcome.
The Culprit!  


Me and My Boys said...

Well, Tyson and Tucker are a bit closer in age than yours, but they fight ALL THE TIME. Since Tucker is nearly the same size as Tyson, it's actually a pretty fair fight. But Tucker fights dirty and Tyson is a bit dramatic....anywho, most of the time we tell them to ignore each other but when it's really hurtful we do time out, take away a toy and always make them hug and say sorry. We also talk about why that was mean and/or hurt the other brother. Usually this is followed by another fight. :)

Excellent Parent said...

haaaaaaaa! love it! my advice...Baby NyQuil!


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